Fascial Manipulation®- the Stecco method, Level II

The Level II of Fascial Manipulation- the Stecco Method, works on the basis of Level I, reviewing Fascial Manipulation logothe Centres of Coordination, and progressing further with studies of Luigi Stecco, his biomechanical model and the analysis and treatment of the deep fascia, and its involvement in the locomotor system. On the completion of Level II, your Level I skills and assessment will have evolved to consider more subtle aspects of impairments and therefore a more complete treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Level II consists of two, three-day weekends, with some time in between allow for clinical experience and practice, and to assure a mastery of the technique as a whole.

Completion of Level I is a prerequisite to Level II.

Course FM-IIa will focus on the role of Centers of Fusion as part of the biomechanical model and the formation of Myofascial Diagonals. Elements of comparative anatomy studies will be introduced to assist the evaluation of adaptive compensations within the fascial system. The involvement of fascia in motor control will discussed and the Assessment Chart used in Fascial Manipulation© will be updated with new elements. 

Course FM-II b will introduce the Myofascial Spirals to complete understanding of complex movement patterns and mechanisms and the latest fascial research projects will be presented. Numerous treatment demonstrations and practice will highlight this course as comparative assessment of Centers of Coordination and Centers of Fusion, Assessment Chart analysis, clinical reasoning, hands-on skills, and treatment strategies will be emphasized.

Instructor: Cheryl Megalos PT

Cheryl completed her Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia, in 1994. She has had ongoing training in manipulative therapy through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. After instruction in Intramuscular Stimulation with Dr Chan Gunn (GIMS), she became certified to practise IMS in 2007. Fascial Manipulation became a clinical interest in 2010, when she started her training in Italy in June 2010. After learning about the assessment and application with musculoskeletal disorders,  she participated in Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunction a number of times and acquired her teacher's certification in 2015. While in Italy she has had the pleasure and honour of learning from the "Family Stecco:" Luigi Stecco PT; Dr Carla Stecco MD; and Dr Antonio Stecco MD. Currently, she is teaching Fascial Manipulation workshops and Level I and II courses in Canada and internationally.

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This course is two 3 day weekends:September 11-13, 2020 and October 16-18, 2020
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$1425 +5% GST
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Vancouver College of Massage Therapy
1050 West Pender Street, suite 300
Vancouver BC

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