The ConnectTherapy™ Series - Build your Clinical Expertise with ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™ with Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee

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* Please note that there is no prerequisite for this course with LJ.


The ConnectTherapy™ Series consists of 15 days of virtual and in-class learning, spread out over 3 parts. The new 2021 format breaks each of the 3 Parts of the Series into a Virtual and In-Person course, giving you six learning opportunities with LJ & the Assisting Team. In between Parts you will have access to online videos and support for your learning process. 

The course provides in-depth hands-on and clinical reasoning skills in The Thoracic Ring Approach™ and ConnectTherapy™ models. These models illuminate the connections between all regions and systems of the body and integrate psychosocial features to treat the whole person by “Finding the Drivers” for the person’s problem.

The ConnectTherapy Series replaces the Discover Physio Series and incorporates significant advances and changes made by LJ, to the previously taught Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain (Lee LJ, Lee DG 2010). This includes LJ’s new ConnectTherapy Drivers Diagnostic Chart™ (DDC) and clinical reasoning algorithm to diagnose Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Co-Drivers with a comprehensive and logical process. The new DDC also links with a new ConnectTherapy Treatment Principles and Exercise Prescription Framework. Identifying Drivers and changing the patient’s negative experience of their body to a positive experience during Meaningful Task Analysis (Lee LJ 2008) is a powerful vehicle for change.

This “Wow” factor has neurophysiological implications. Therapists can then confidently design treatment programs that target the true source of the problem and expect positive change. The innovative Thoracic Ring Approach™ (Lee LJ) is covered in depth, based on LJ’s personal, clinical and research journey on how the thorax affects the function of the whole body. This includes how to assess and treat dual thoracic drivers, new advanced thoracic ring exercises and concepts in program design. In every area of the body, from the cranium to the foot, unique assessment and treatment techniques are related to how they support optimal function & performance of the whole body and whole person.

The ConnectTherapy Series empowers you with new ways to assess and treat your patients, integrates the science from multiple fields with clinical expertise to figure out how to most efficiently and effectively treat your patients. It is a year that will illuminate new possibilities for growth and change.  

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Part 1- Virtual: September 18, 19; In-Person: October 1, 2, 3 (2021)

Part 2- Virtual: November 20, 21; In-Person: December 3, 4, 5

Part 3- Virtual: January 22, 23 (2022) ; In-Person: February 4, 5, 6
Event cost
$5,750 + 5% GST (CAD)
On-line and In-person

Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International | Institute for Physiotherapy & Movement
307 - 267 W. Esplanade Ave
North Vancouver BC V7M 1A5

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