Concussion Nerds - online course and clinical mentorship

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Concussion Nerds is a six month online concussion mentorship program.   Our three-pillared of approach of a core curriculum, mentorship and community will deepen your clinical toolbox and help you acheive your next level of confidence in the muti-systems approach to concussion assessment and treatment. 

Core Curriculum: 

Built for the practicing clinician the self-paced core curriculum teaches you the neuroscience of the systems, how the research shows up concussion affects each system, how we assess, and how we treat while integrating everything together.   The curriculum walks you through;

  • Concussion Pathophysiology
  • Acute Concussion - how to identify, assess and treat
  • Persistent Concussion Symptoms
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Visual System
  • Vestibular System
  • Cervical Spine
  • Somatosensory System 
  • Cognitive / Affective and how we can identify and support/layer as physiotherapists

The core curriculum provides you short videos, beautiful workbooks to help solidfy learning, assessment sheets/tools to move what you learn immediately into practice. 



Live mentorship with Natasha Wilch.  Receive instant feedback and support in our group calls that happen 2x a month as well as in our private community.  



Surround yourself with other passionate clinicians in our multi-disciplinary community.  Ask questions, deepen your learning, glean a deeper understanding of other disciplines and how we can all work together to support and enhance the care we provide our concussion clients. 



If you are interested in Concussion Nerds and would like to learn more please contact Natasha at

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Concussion Nerds has ongoing enrollment so you can enroll when it works best for your calendar. The program length from the time you begin is 6 months

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