The AMP Knowledge Project: Evidence, Insight and Management of Cervical & Thoracic Disorders (Vancouver & Online)

The goal of this course is for you to successfully learn and transfer evidence into your clinical practice. This sounds easy, but it takes intention and strategy to do it successfully. Most weekend courses do not achieve a material change in practice. The short time frame and the lack of opportunity to practice new skills and knowledge in a clinical setting does not facilitate consolidation. That’s why we’ve revisioned a weekend course to take place over the course of a month with structured reflection, regular prompting, high frequency touch points, and a chance to again and again engage with the material and transfer it to your clinical practice while being supported by course facilitators.

We guarantee that this course will enhance your practice.

This 4-week blended online and in person course will focus on improving clinician ability to treat patients presenting with cervicothoracic disorders. Learn select high yield manual therapy skills that are supported by evidence and that you will use on a regular basis. More importantly, develop skills that will allow you to stage and classify patients to specific interventions and progress them through an exercise based rehabilitation program that builds self-efficacy and resiliency. This course will also develop your communication and listening strategies. You will gain skills to build therapeutic alliance with patients which will maximize both patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Course features:

  1. Blended online and in-person

  2. "Contemplation Over Coffee" emails with prompts to explore, reflect, and focus on key topic areas to implement throughout your clinical day.

  3. Discussion boards to consolidate new ideas, to explore nuance and application, and to learn from peers and facilitators.

  4. Office hours to ask questions and discuss the material in general terms or within the specific context of your patient case.

  5. Two high signal in-person Sunday sessions.

  6. Two live evening webinars.

  7. A wealth of reference materials to dive into and explore during and after the course.

Start date
End date
Date note

Wednesday November 18th @7pm: 90 minute live online.

Sunday November 22 @9am: 7 hour in person session at Tall Tree Health on Commercial Drive.

Wednesday December 2 @7pm: 90 minute live online.

December 13 @9am: 7 hour in person session at Tall Tree Health on Commercial Drive.
Event cost
On-line and In-person

956 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC V5L3W7

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