The Ruth Byman Memorial Award

Applications for the 2022 Awards Season are now closed. Thank you to all of our amazing applicants!

Ruth Byman Memorial Award

2 Awards available for 2022, each $2000.

Spirit of the Award

Throughout her extensive physiotherapy career, Ruth was known for her dedication to her patients and her uncompromising passion to offer the best, most up-to-date treatment options. She was a proponent of patient participation in rehabilitation. This award is a legacy to her relentless pursuit of knowledge, her professionalism, and her genuine desire for helping others. By recognizing annually the same thirst for knowledge and excellence in a PABC member, the spirit of Ruth Byman continues to inspire. This award was created from the estate of Ruth Byman who passed away in 2003 after a short battle with cancer.

Award Intent

  •  To fund continuing education aimed at improving clinical skills and knowledge in the practice and/or teaching of physiotherapy.
  • Please note that award monies are paid directly from the Vancouver Foundation to the award recipient's chosen Educational Institution(s). The award can only be paid to a registered charity, public university or public college. Some examples of such institutions are UBC (including UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education), SFU, and UNBC. This award cannot be used for PABC Continuing Education Courses.


Award Criteria

The applicant:

  • Is a member of PABC and is registered to practice in BC.
  • Has made a positive contribution to their community, in their profession as well as personal life.
  • Will write a one-page explanation of how receipt of this award will help attain professional goals.
  • Will indicate what education sought.
  • Will be featured in a brief article for Directions on the knowledge gained from the funded education.

Candidate Selection

The PABC Awards Committee appointed annually by the Board will review the applications and make the selection based upon information provided to the committee. No other information will be sought.

Form of Award

  • The recipient will be funded $2000 (this varies annually depending upon the interest return on the source fund) for continuing education related to the practice of physiotherapy.
  • The award is managed through the Vancouver Foundation. Payment of the award will be made directly from the Vancouver Foundation to the recipient’s chosen educational institution(s).
  • The award can only be paid to Qualified Charitable Organizations as defined by Canada Revenue Agency and the Income Tax Act. Such organizations must be a registered charity, public university or public college. For more information please contact the Vancouver Foundation at 604-688-2204.
  • The Foundation will send a Certificate of Registration (COR) form to the recipient. Upon completion of the COR, confirming that the recipient is registered, the award monies will be paid directly to the educational institution.
  • The award is non-transferable and must be used by the recipient.


In 2022, the Awards Ceremony will take place in person at the Westin Bayshore Hotel at the BC Physiotherapy Conference 2022 on April 30th, 2022. 

Application Procedure

Applicant to attach to this completed application form:

Cover letter by Applicant to include:

  • The reason for application.
  • The intended use of the award (please note specific institution where you intend to enroll).
  • The manner in which the applicant meets the Award Criteria.
  • The reasons why the applicant feels uniquely qualified to receive this award.
  • Current CV.
  • Reference letter from a PABC peer.
  • Any other relevant documentation (e.g. copies of published articles, a support letter from an interdisciplinary colleague).

Nomination Form

Ruth Byman

Thank you to our sponsor of the Ruth Byman Memorial Award: 

Past Recipients 

Ruth Byman Memorial Award

2022 ~ Sarah Lord Ferguson

2021 ~ Beverley Larrsen
2019 ~ Kathryn Morse
2018 ~ Natalie Grant, Victoria Etheridge
2016 ~ Sam Hughes
2015 ~ Kim Cox
2014 ~ Shirley Lecker
2013 ~ Cheryl Leia 
2011 ~ Tara Pollock
2010 ~ Carol Kennedy
2009 ~ Andrea Reid
2008 ~ Maureen Duggan 
2007 ~ Marj Belot
2006 ~ Lynn Barton
2005 ~ Jan Summersides

Ruth Byman
Ruth Byman