Sabrina’s Story

Pelvic health issues are not something people normally like to talk about but Sabrina feels differently. Like on in three women in Canada, Sabrina suffered from a pelvic floor condition. Sabrina's severe incontinence was trigged by the birth of her third child.  Sabrina worked with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who completely changed her life. Within two weeks of treatment, Sabrina experienced a dramatic improvement in her condition. Prior to seeing a physio, she couldn’t even run across the street without losing control of her bladder, which affected both her confidence and ability to perform day-to-day tasks. Today, Sabrina is in the best shape of her life and enjoys being active with her young family. She is sharing her story because she wants every mother to know that there is an effective way to overcome this condition, and that you can live a life without limits.

Pelvic Health: #PhysioCanHelp

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, or PFD, refers to disorders found within the pelvic floor. Bladder and bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse (descent of the organs) and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction are all forms of PFD. One in three women in Canada is impacted by some form of PFD, most commonly brought on by childbearing and menopause, the direct costs for treatment of urinary incontinence is over $3.8 billion annually, with indirect costs due to lost workday sand productivity estimated at $2.59 billion annually. 

Only 26% of Canadians experiencing incontinence have consulted a health care provider. Physiotherapy is the first choice and most non-invasive approach to treating pelvic health issues including incontinence. Patients can often see results after only a few visits. Physiotherapists can help determine the cause of incontinence and assess which treatment is best for the individual, help strengthen pelvic muscles using exercises and biofeedback, establish healthy bladder habits, and assess diets to ensure it is not contributing to incontinence.

As Sabrina's story illustrates, being aware that pelvic health physiotherapy is available and knowing that it will work can change people's lives.