Collin's Story

What started as a regular drive to work ended up changing Collin’s life in a matter of seconds. Back in 2012, he was in a serious motor vehicle accident. His car was sideswiped and crushed by a truck leaving him with a multitude of injuries throughout his body. Because of this unfortunate incident, Collin now suffers from Chronic Pain, which continues to impact his life in a number of ways. To help manage his condition, he receives a combination of treatments. This includes physiotherapy, which provides him with the relief he needs to keep moving, and partake in the activities he enjoys most.

Chronic Pain: #PhysioCanHelp

One in five British Columbians live with chronic pain. The condition impacts a wide range if people across a broad demographic, and is complex condition to treat. With growing concern about opioid use in Canada, physiotherapy offers a healthy and evidence based alternative treatment approach for long term pain management.

Physiotherapists use a combination of techniques to help chronic pain sufferers feel relief, improve function & mobility, and return to regular activities & normal life. A trained physiotherapist, with expertise in chronic pain, can work in collaboration with other healthcare providers to create integrated treatment programs customized to each individual and their condition. This approach contributes to improved symptoms and positive results to help patients manage their chronic pain.