Care Plan Meetings for ICBC Customers

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Starting mid-March, ICBC will fund collaborative Care Plan Meetings for most of the pre-approved treatment providers. All reporting health care providers, including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, Counsellors and Psychologists will have access to this line item in HCPIR, where pre-approved Care Plan Meetings have been conducted with Recovery Specialists and invited treatment team members.

Care Plan Meetings are:

• Facilitated by the ICBC Recovery Specialist with the intention of achieving alignment of goals and objectives and overall treatment plan in relation to the medical case management of the patient,

• Conducted on a case-by-case basis and scheduled by the Recovery Specialist,

• Billable for direct time spent meeting with the Recovery Specialist and invited treatment team members. Preparation for the call should be minimal and is not billable at this time.

More information is available on treatment providers’ respective Partner Pages