Better Access to Physiotherapy in the Community Can Prevent Hospital Admissions and Save Money

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CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island (July 3, 2019) – At the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s (CPA) Forum 2019, physiotherapists and physiotherapists’ assistants from across the country identified that increased access to physiotherapy can result in decreased spending by the federal and provincial governments on health care.

From June 27-29, more than 200 physiotherapy leaders from across the profession gathered together at the CPA’s Forum 2019. This year’s theme was Maximizing Potential: Promoting Healthy Aging where experts reflected on the fact that by 2036 more than 62% of health care spending will be on those over 65.1 As part of the program, CPA facilitated a Think Tank discussion with 75+ experts to provide Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, and Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors with outcome-focused recommendations where physiotherapy can play a role in supporting aging Canadians while lowering health care costs.

The result of the Think Tank discussion was a clear statement from the profession: access to physiotherapy leads to decreased spending by federal and provincial governments while increasing the well-being of Canadians as they age.

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