Rost Therapy - Evidence based management of pregnancy-related pelvic girdle, sacro-iliac and pubic pain - Vancouver

Back hip and pubic pain affects up to 50% of pregnant women, and is common in the non-pregnant population. Clinical practice guidelines recommend treatment methods which include manual therapy and exercise, although there are few studies guiding us with specific, effective approaches. Cecile Röst developed a very practical approach,  based initially on personal experience, then consolidated through research, which has helped thousands of women with PGP. This effective approach addresses PGP within the biopsychosocial approach. Although Cecile Röst’s research focused on peri-partum patients, this approach is effective when treating acute and chronic sacro-iliac and pubic pain in men, and nulliparous women.

There is an prerequisite online course which must be completed prior to attending the practical course.

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January 18- 19, 2020
Event cost
Practical course: €450 (approx $675 CAD). Prerequisite Online course: €195 (approx $285 CAD) Total: €645 (approx $943 CAD)
On-line and In-person

Main Street Physiotherapy
4817 Main Street (32nd & Main St)
Vancouver BC V5V 3R9

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