Post Forum PABC Course: Technology, Wearables and Data Science in Recovery and Return to Sport

Please note this course is a half-day on Sunday only.

The course does not include registration to the 2020 BC Physio Forum. Information and registration for the Forum can be found here.

Course Description:

This workshop will outline how to integrate technology into rehabilitation care from an evidence-informed perspective. Johann and Dave will outline a framework to analyze when to consider a high-tech versus low-tech approach, as well as case studies to discuss practical aspects of using this information. 

The objectives of this workshop are that you will leave, not just with information, but empowered and armed with a specific action plan. Specifically, attendees should leave:

1. With the capacity to assess the capacity of their own environment to introduce and implement for technology and data.

2. Understanding how to evaluate technology pieces to most appropriately suit your needs

3. With the capacity to understand and develop phases of technology implementation

4. With the ability to re-evaluate the benefits of implementing a given technology.


Johann Windt (BKin, MSc Experimental Medicine, PhD Experimental Medicine), Head of Data Science with the Vancouver Whitecaps and Dave Taylor (BPT), Associate Director, Integrated Health and Athlete Performance at USOPC

Johann Windt is the Head of Data Science – Performance with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer (MLS), and an Instructor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. His research and applied interests include how athlete training, wellness, and match performance data should be analysed to best understand athlete performance and health. Cosupervised by Professors Karim Khan and Tim Gabbett, his doctoral work specifically focused on athlete monitoring and injury aetiology. Now, he blends his academic background with applied sporting experience to use technological implementation and data to help inform decision making at all levels (Academy to First Team) and across several departments (e.g. Sports Medicine/Physical Preparation) at the Vancouver Whitecaps.

With a passion for sport, playing a variety of sports from a young age, Dave Taylor pursued a career in Physiotherapy. He graduated the University of Melbourne in 2010, receiving an Honors award in his class. Dave then furthered his studies with a Masters in High Performance Sport though Australian Catholic University, again receiving an Honors award. He integrates his enhanced strength and conditioning knowledge into high level rehabilitation and has had extensive experience implementing sport science principals into athlete monitoring at an elite level. With his work with the Memphis Grizzlies, he developed screening and ongoing monitoring protocols specific to Basketball for reduction of pathologies associated with overuse and cutting injuries; utilizing biomechanical analysis of motion-capture technology. After few years working in the field as a data scientist, Dave now serves as the Associate Director of Integrated Health and Athlete Performance, for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. He has a vastly skilled team of sport and data scientists alike as they endeavour to maintain the health and wellness of Team USA athletes leading in to Tokyo 2020. Dave remains exceptionally passionate about being at the forefront of practice within the NBA, and holds a position with the Golden State Warriors where he acts as their Sports and Data Science Consultant.


No specific licensing requirements as there will not be hands-on treatment occurring.

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Half-day course
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Sheraton Wall Centre
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