BCNSD/PABC Webinar: Bowel, Bladder and Sexual Function in Neurological Conditions

This BCNSD/PABC joint webinar will focus on physiotherapy management for sexual dysfunction and incontinence as a result of a neurological injury or condition. It will be led by two Sexual Health Clinicians with extensive experience in the topic:

Shea Hocaloski, RN, BTechN
Shea graduated from Nursing in 2002 from BC Institute of Technology and began working as a rehabilitation nurse at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in 2003, working with SCI and other neurological patients. In June 2004, she began working as a Sexual Health Clinician with the Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service and the Vancouver Sperm Retrieval Clinic. In the sexual health clinician role, Ms. Hocaloski continues to be involved in research, education, and direct client care. She has co-authored numerous publications in the area of SCI and autonomic dysreflexia, perinatal care, and sexual health for persons with SCI. She has participated in numerous national and international conferences on the topics of sexual health and disabilities. She has a keen interest in fertility and women's health after SCI, and is responsible for much of the information found on

Lesley Houle, RN
Lesley graduated from the Kwantlen College Nursing Program in 1993. She has been nursing for over 25 years and has spent a majority of time working with people with disabilities and chronic illness in rehabilitation. Lesley joined the Sexual Health Rehab team in 2009 after working on the inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Program for 15 years. Lesley is a Sexual Health Clinician working at GF Strong Rehab Centre and the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre in the Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service and Vancouver Sperm Retrieval Clinic. Within these centres, Lesley provides sexual health education, teaching, and support to clients, their families, and health care professionals as it relates to illness and disability.

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Webinar will run from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.
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