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Owner, founder and Director of Physio2U, Kim Hall, began her career at Vancouver Coastal Health where she gained extensive experience in acute care, orthopaedics, and stroke recover. She founded Physio2U in 2012 after seeing a need for private, in-home physiotherapy to make rehabilitation services accessible to those who needed it the most due to lack of mobility – seniors, and victims of stroke and orthopaedic trauma accidents. She created a unique model of physiotherapy provision including one-hour, 1:1 sessions that include relationship-centred care, hands-on-treatment, education, and exercise prescription based on movement pattern retraining.

Kim is a strong believer in life-long learning. Through UBC, Kim has mentored internationally trained physiotherapists and has completed a pilot study on an exercise program she helped create specific to people recovering from joint replacement surgery. She is an active member of the provincial Arthritis Continuing Education (ACE) Network, national Arthritis Health Professions Association (AHPA), Physiotherapy Association of BC, and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. In April 2016, she was elected on to the Board of Directors of the College of Physical Therapists of BC and is currently serving her second term. From 2016-2018 she was the Board Appointed Inquiry Committee Member at the College.

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The effects of a community-based, post-rehabilitation exercise program after total hip and knee replacement: a feasibility study

Journal of Rheumatology 2013


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Joint replacement rehabilitation
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  • Kim Hall

    At the age of 14, I attended my first physiotherapy appointment. I was (and still am) a competitive runner and finally sustained my first serious injury which left me limping. I attended Rob Hoffman's clinic in Richmond and saw the diverse population he was helping, all the neat exercise equipment he utilized and how he interacted with people. I respected the intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology he had to help people feel better. I thought to myself, "This is awesome! I want to be a physiotherapist!" With determination and hard work, I made my dream happen.