Are you a student, prospective student, physiotherapist who is educated internationally? Find a step-by-step guide, job hunting tips, and important contacts all available in our IEP information package:

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You can also visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association website to learn what you should know and do if you are interested in working as an internationally-educated physiotherapist or physiotherapist assistant in BC. It outlines the knowledge and skills that one must have to practice the profession effectively in BC.

Internationally Educated Physiotherapist (IEP) Exam Preparation Program

The Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Exam Preparation (IEPEP) Program is a self-directed program that assists Internationally Educated Physiotherapists (IEPs) in their preparation to sit the national Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) and to enter into clinical physiotherapy practice in British Columbia. In addition, the IEPEP Program is open to Canadian-trained Physiotherapists who may wish to refresh their skills or competencies, or who have been out of practice and are required to sit the PCE for re-entry into practice. The IEPEP program encompasses both theoretical and practical components, and includes practice examinations and workshops which focus on knowledge, clinical skills, and clinical reasoning.

Learn more by visiting the UBC IEPEP website