Kevin Bos

In my grade 10 year, life radically changed for me. I got home from school one day and was told that my mom was taken to the hospital. She had been losing strength in her hands and legs slowly over the course of 2 weeks, but not being able to push the hair spray bottle down was the final straw. After several differential diagnostic tests she was put on the list for GF Strong with a year long rehab battle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. 

It was a very challenging time for our family but this was my first opportunity to see physiotherapy, amongst other disciplines, at work to get her back on her feet. Living in Abbotsford, on a weekly basis I visited her at GF Strong, witnessing her rehabilitation and progress. 

Through this grade 10 year I was exposed to this amazing profession and what incredible changes it can make in someone's life. Not just the person affected with disability but also their family and friends.

Through this and sports injuries of my own that year I was exposed to many aspects of the physiotherapy profession and was very fortunate to know at the age of 15 what career path I was going to take. 

Fast forward 25 yrs and I feel so fortunate to be co-owner in a private practice, a Board Director with PABC, using my education to help mentor students, and changing lives in my community.

That day in grade 11 when I spoke with the school counselor started my path to becoming a physiotherapist; that decision has proven to be one of the most exciting, interactive and life changing decisions I’ve made.