Chiara Singh

I have always been an active person, in love with sports and physical activity. My mom was an X-ray tech and she always stressed to me that there was nothing more exciting and fulfilling then working in a hospital. When I was in Grade 9, my best friend was diagnosed with bone cancer. She spent a lot of time in hospital and actually had to have part of her humerus removed. I often visited her in hospital and this is what really inspired me to become a physiotherapist. What better job can there be then to help someone recover and go back to the activities that really define who they are? Interestingly, without even really pursuing it, a large part of my current clinical work is with kids being treated and recovering from cancer so things have really come full circle for me. I am really passionate about trying to minimize the effects of cancer treatment so people who have recovered from cancer can go back to what they love doing. I think physiotherapy has a huge role to play in ameliorating the effects of cancer treatment. I am so excited to be working as a physiotherapist in BC, surrounded by amazing and passionate people and the support of an incredible association!