Become a Member of PABC

As the predominant providers of rehabilitation in BC, physiotherapists enrich their careers through membership in their professional association. Any BC physiotherapist, physiotherapist assistant or student who is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) is also a member of PABC.

As one of 2500+ members of PABC, you will benefit from PABC:

  • Providing leadership and direction to the physiotherapy profession, including representing the profession to the public, governments, third party insurers, and other stakeholders
  • Fostering excellence in practice, education and research
  • Promoting high standards of health in BC

Join or renew today via the Canadian Physiotherapy Assosciation website.

The benefits of PABC-CPA membership are priceless, whether you are in public or private practice.  We have outlined here the tangible and intangible benefits, as you prepare for your membership enrollment. Your tangible benefits can amount up to $750 in annual savings, which is more than the cost of your Annual Membership. The intangible benefits can invaluably transform your practice: