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MEMBER NEWS: WorkSafe survey on PT: encouraging baseline – still room for improvement

A recent survey of WorkSafeBC claimants and WSBC staff provides an encouraging quality assurance baseline for BC physiotherapists.   

The survey asked “claim owners” (WSBC staff who manage claims and interface with PT’s) the following questions:

What’s been your overall experience dealing with physiotherapists under the new treatment model?

  • 55% - good to very good
  • 30% - average
  • 15% poor

One of the goals of the new model is to have PT’s put more focus on functional abilities and early re-integration back to the work site. Is this happening?                 

  • 90% - yes
  • 10% - no                                                 

Do you find the reports you receive from PT’s valuable for return to work planning?    

  • 90% - yes
  • 10% - no      

Injured worker satisfaction...

Overall, how would you rate the services you received from the physiotherapy provider?

  • 92%- very good or good

How would you rate the physiotherapy program they provided on assisting with your recovery?                

  • 89% - very good or good

How likely would you be to recommend the physiotherapy provider to others?

  • 95% - definitely/probably would

MEMBER NEWS: Don’t miss this valuable WorkSafe learning opportunity!

Physiotherapists play an indispensible role in returning injured workers to work safely and in a timely fashion.

That’s why PABC is strongly encouraging members to attend a WSBC education session designed to increase and enhance collaboration between physios and RTW Nurse Specialists who also play a vital role. 


1) Influencing return to function, life and work - a presentation focused on preventing disability, why this is important and how it can be done;

2) The role of the RTW Nurse Specialist;

3) RTW Nurse Specialist perspective: successes and challenges;

4) Physiotherapist perspective: what’s working and what can be improved.

Admission is free.

Register now - see various dates, and locations