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09 July, 2018
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10 September, 2018

Swodeam Institute and Jim Meadows FCAMPT have been teaching a comprehensive spinal manipulation course for about 25 years always with excellent reviews from the graduates. The course runs over three non-consecutive weekends for approximately 55-60 hours of practical and tutorial classroom instruction. During the course you will receive enough practice so that each of the techniques becomes automatic and all that's left is to continue to the use them in the clinic to gain mastery.


The course will concentrate on safety and effectiveness. The assessment component will, for the most part, be confined to differentiating those conditions that respond to manual therapy and those that do not.


He will teach clinical reasoning in diagnosis and choice of treatment and biomechanical examination to determine that a manipulable dysfunction is present and the direction in which it should be manipulated.


A novel method of conducting the practical labs ensures that you do not stand around waiting for others to catch up but will make the most of practice sessions.


A complete description of the course can be found at:





The fee includes all materials, which include assessment and treatment techniques, course manuals, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and more.


A certification examination which consists of written and practical competency assessment is included in the cost of the course and when successfully completed allows the therapist to register as a manipulative therapist in Alberta, Ontario, Qubec and the Yukon and to know that you can manipulate safely and effectively.


Dates: Sept. 28-30, Oct. 12-14 and Oct. 26-28

Location: Victoria, BC


Cost: $2000


A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required by e-transfer to to confirm a place on this course and registration is based on the first come first served principal.


The balance of the payment can be made by e-transfer or cheque to ‘Chris May Physiotherapy’. Payment in full must be received 30 days prior to the start of the course. (August 29, 2018).


The cost includes all materials, classroom sessions, tests and exams.


Instructor: Jim Meadows FCAMPT


Jim was chair of the Canadian Orthopedic Division's Education and Specialization Committees for 12 years and a past Examiner and Instructor with the Canadian Orthopedic Division. Jim is a co-founder and a Senior Faculty Member and Senior Examiner with the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT). He is a past faculty member of the University of Alberta and current adjunct faculty at the Texas Women's University, Andrews University, the Massachusetts Institute of Health Sciences, and the University of Maryland at Baltimore. He also visits and lectures at the University of Pittsburgh. He has presented at National and International Conferences on Manual Therapy and has published in numerous journals. His video series Manual Therapy and textbook Orthopedic Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy are sold throughout North America.


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