January 25, 2019
Sun run

Believe it or not, 50 per cent of runners get injured every year. Most injuries are caused by doing “too much, too soon”. Here are four tips to help avoid being injured.

#1: Listen to your body

Adaptation is key, and some runners need more time to reach the end point of the same schedule. Adjust your program according to signals from your body. Muscle soreness after starting a new activity can be normal. However, joint or tendon pain is not.

#2: Be attentive to change

The average runner pounds the ground 160 times each minute and almost 5,000 times during 30 minutes. Increasing running duration, distance or speed too quickly can be injurious. Changes in running technique, footwear or terrain should also be gradual.

#3: Recover well

Getting enough sleep and rest between sessions helps the body to adapt better. Make sure to recover well, especially after longer or faster training sessions.

#4: Exercise regularly

Running often can protect against injuries. An optimal training schedule combines one longer session with shorter ones. Strengthening exercises can also make your muscles, tendons and bones stronger, and help improve your personal best.

Vancouver Sun, January 21, 2019
Photo: Richard Lam/PNG Merlin Archive