Start date
06 July, 2019
End date
07 July, 2019

Kelowna, BC - July  6-7, 2019

Benefits of the technique:
I believe soft tissue release is a very effective technique that has proven to be successful on treating soft tissue injuries both in sub-acute and chronic injuries/pain. I also believe this technique can be very effectively administered causing little to no stress on both the therapist and the client. In this workshop I want to ensure that therapists are taught how to adapt the techniques to meet the specific needs of the client and/or situation. I also want the therapists to learn how to effectively administer client self-treatment exercises that will further help in the recovery.

Course Description:
Soft Tissue Release (STR) is the "Foundation” of all the recent “release techniques” and has developed into the fastest acting therapy for all acute and chronic soft tissue pain - providing permanent results. Clients injured in sports, at work, or with injuries incurred over time, can all benefit from STR. The entire body is covered in this one workshop. STR is a combination of Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Massage, and Active Assisted Stretching. The technique involves applying precise pressure during a specific stretch performed in multiple planes of movement. The result: fast and permanent reorganization of scar tissue, the targeted muscle(s) return to the proper resting length, muscle imbalances are corrected, associated pain is decreased or eliminated altogether, and muscle performance is improved.

This two-day practical hands-on workshop covers the entire body, without the need to recertify every year. After completing the workshop participants will have the confidence and skills to properly apply the techniques to their clients immediately and to educate clients on self-release techniques for home care.
Hundreds of Physiotherapists across Canada have participated in this workshop and have recommended it to their colleagues! (visit our website to view some of the participant testimonials).  

Jim Bilotta CAT(C): Tel 289-686-8926.



Event Cost
In person

JJB Athletic Therapy
Course Location: Camoson College
4461 Interurban road, Victoria, BC
Kelowna BC V9E2C1

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This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.