This is an opportunity to share an office space with a fellow physiotherapist. I work in Vancouver for 2 weeks and then on Salt Spring Island (SSI) for 2 weeks. In the weeks that I am on SSI, this Vancouver office will be available for rent.  Located in the MacDonald Professional Building on West 16th Ave and MacDonald St., this office is a clean and fully equipped with a desk, electric up-down plinth, small storage space/shelving, filing cabinet, physio equipment (e.g. wobble board, foam roller, etc).  I am a manual therapist so I do not have electrotherapeutic machines (e.g. ultrasound, IFC). Rent is $500/month.  Weekly and daily rates are also available.

If you are interested in more details, please email or call Micheline Wong, 604-780-2740 or email:

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