Start date
27 April, 2019
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28 April, 2019
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progression (STEP), the premier exercise course series from the Ola Grimsby Institute, has a curriculum that focuses on exercise rehabilitation for tissue repair (mechanotherapy), joint mobilization, motor control, coordination, endurance, strength training and athletic function. STEP 1 emphasizes applying these principles to pathologies of the shoulder and elbow (impingement, tendinopathy, adhesive capsulitis, scapular dyskinesia, lateral epicondylalgia, etc.) Emphasis on exercise concepts of dosagedesign and progression will allow the clinician to develop their own rehabilitation programs for the shoulder and elbow. This course is taught by seasoned instructors that use this curriculum every day in the clinic.

The extensive curriculum taught in the STEP series has a foundation in advance manual therapy education. Its origin is from the Norwegian school of MTT or MET (Medical Training Therapy / Medical Exercise Therapy). With over 50 years of clinical application, these courses are designed to teach the clinician to think—designing their own exercises, or modifying classic ones, to specifically address each impairment of the patient. Current principles in work physiology and clinical evidence guide the participants on a path to critical thinking that empowers to clinician to create, rather than reproduce. Don’t learn a list of exercises, learn how to design an unlimited list of movement based solutions. Exercises are dosed specifically for mechanotherapy, as well as to mobilize joints/fascia, resolve pain and muscle guarding, elevate abnormal movement patterns, combine cervical programs with scapular and upper quarter training. Learn to answer questions for dosage on all variables associated with exercise prescription: resistance (concentric, eccentric, isometric), repetitions, sets, rest, speed, range and frequency.

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In person

Aquarius Physiotherapy Yaletown
#218-179 Davie St.
Vancouver BC

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