Start date
17 August, 2019
End date
18 August, 2019

RTP® (Registered Trigenics® Practitioner) Mid-Body and Spine Course

The Trigenics® RTP Spine and Mid-body course allows participants to pinpoint the specific causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain using the unique Trigenics Functional Muscle Neurokinetic Assessment system which includes novel muscle specific length testing protocols developed by founder Dr. Allan Austin-Oolo.

Once the assessment has been made and mapped out using the patented Trigenics® Neurokinetic Muscle Map, practitioners learn how to rapidly correct most dysfunctions and provide instant pain relief with application of the patented Trigenics multimodal muscle reprogramming treatment protocols. A thorough overview of Trigenics theory practice management and functional anatomy of the mid-body is covered.

Participants will learn common Trigenics® protocols to achieve instant results for many common conditions of the spine and mid-body.

You will learn:

- Trigenics® Theory and Principles as well as Trigenics Treatment Procedures and Assessment Routines like the Oolo-Austin Test for Multifidus Spinal Rotation Deficit.

- Trigenics® Myoneural Strengthening and Lengthening Procedures.

- How to directly treat acute injuries for effective pain relief, inflammation reduction, and faster restoration of function.

- Quickly and most effectively treat chronic neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, and many other conditions!

- Use Trigenics® myoneural exercises for the neck, lower back, chest, and abdomen to supplement and enhance patient rehabilitation at your practice!


Didactic Lecture:

- Trigenics® introduction, clinical reasoning, muscle neurophysiology, and neuro-summation theory.

- Trigenics® Myoneural Kinetic Assessment: Strength and length assessment - manual muscle testing principles, demonstration and practical application.

- Trigenics® three combined treatment component principles described, demonstrated and practical application for Trigenics Strengthening (TS) and Trigenics Lengthening (TL) procedures.

- Trigenics® assessment and treatment implementation for clinical scenarios, report and treatment notes writing, contraindications and safety, and practice management.

Practical Workshop and Hands on Application Mid-Body Individual Muscle Procedures:

- Anatomy description, strength and length manual muscle testing, Trigenics® Strengthening (TS) and Trigenics®Lengthening (TL) treatment procedures per muscle of the region.

- Specific Trigenics® protocols for clinical conditions of the Mid-Body.


Oral and practical assessment on specified muscles of the region.

Event Cost
Early Registration Fee: Practitioners 899USD | Students 599USD
In person

Prana Physiotherapy
420 Columbia St.
New Westminster BC V3L 1B1

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