Start date
24 May, 2017
End date
24 May, 2017
Date note
7pm lecture begins, 8:15 - questions/discussion, 8:30 - wine and cheese

Respiratory Limitations to Performance in Elite (and not so elite) Athletes

Presenter:  Don Mckenzie, MD, PhD

Professor and Director, Division of Sports Medicine, UBC


Traditionally, the respiratory system is not thought to limit performance at sea level.  In elite athlete the extreme physiological demands required of high performance can lead to exercise-induced hypoxemia (low blood oxygen).  This is common in high performance athletes and definitely can influence performance.

Asthma and other respiratory problems in athletes require diagnosis and management to the same standard that we treat MSK injuries.  Surprisingly, athletes with asthma do better at the Olympics than their peers and there is controversy about asthma medications as ergogenic aids.

This talk will cover some basic respiratory exercise physiology in the elite athlete as well as the common respiratory problems that are seen in active individuals.  Some aspects of doping in sport will be included.


7pm:  lecture begins

8:15pm - question period and general discussion

8:30pm - Wine & cheese

Talk to your Association about possible lecture credits (2 BCRPA credits)

The lecture is free of charge.  However seating is limited to 80 people.  Please reserve seating for individuals or groups by calling Phil Moore at (604) 733-1173

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In person

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