Start date
22 October, 2017
End date
22 October, 2017

Instructor:  Jacquie van Ierssel PT, PhD(c), MScRehab, BScPT, BPE, FCAMPT, SPC Diploma


This full-day course focuses on the differential diagnosis, manual examination and treatment of patients with a cervicogenic, visual, vestibular, or autonomic dysfunction component of post-concussion syndrome.  R2P SCORE™ provides an evidence-based, systematic approach to identifying which functional impairments may be contributing to persistent symptoms.  Clinicians will learn to rank treatment priorities based on R2P SCORE™ results, and develop clinically sound individualized treatment protocols.  Detailed exercise programs will be practiced in the hands-on sessions.  Acquired skills can be immediately applied in the clinical setting.  



8:30     Diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome; pathophysiology; symptom profiles.

9:00     Introduction to R2P SCORE™; understand how to identify functional impairments that may contribute to persistent PCS symptoms; R2P SCORE™ scoring criteria for assigning treatment priorities.

9:30     Neurovascular testing; upper cervical spine mobility and stress testing; validated dynamic stabilization protocol; and cervical joint positioning dysfunction.

10:30   Assessment for vestibular dysfunction, and algorithm for differential dizziness diagnosis.

11:30   Lunch 

12:30   Common visual dysfunctions post-concussion; assessment of vestibulo-ocular reflex and ocular motor dysfunction; convergence insufficiency; visual motion sensitivity.

1:30     Sensory motor integration assessment; exertional testing for autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

2:30     Treatment priority and individualized vestibular, vision, and exercise therapy based on functional impairments.

3:30     Case studies with scoring interpretation.

4:00     Questions and Answers.


This course is recommended for Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Physicians, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Kinesiologists.






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$295 + HST
In person

UBC, Department of Physical Therapy
212 Friedman Building
2177 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver BC V6T1Z3

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