Start date
19 January, 2018
End date
21 January, 2018
Date note
Friday, January 19, 3:30 -8:00PM. Saturday and Sunday January 20-21 8AM-4PM.

What every physical therapist needs to know regarding prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment from screening to palliative care, including bladder/bowel (stress incontinence, urgency) and sexual health sequelae and their evidence informed physical therapy interventions. 

Course will include theory, demonstration, and practical sessions including the use of EMG biofeedback. Class size is limited to ensure optimum learning, practice, and translation of skill. The physiotherapist will leave the course with new skills to use immediately on return to their office the next day!

There will be a demonstration of a subjective and objective assessment and treatment with a client who has undergone prostate cancer treatment. Course participants will have the opportunity to use course clinical skills with prostate cancer clients who are naïve to (who have never had) physiotherapy treatment. Understandably, assessment and treatment interventions will be dependent on client presentation, ability and consent.*  Course participants also participate in the lab/practical sessions. This may involve perineal or rectal exam.

EMG biofeedback units will be available for each group of 2-3 physical therapists throughout the course for all lab sessions. Prior experience using biofeedback is not required. Learning this skill is another good reason to take this course!

* Dayan Werner Pelvic Rehab reserves the right to make changes to client participation prior to the course date.


Current registration as a licensed physical therapist or student enrolled in a Physical Therapy Program.  Proof of registration is required. Applicants must have completed a basic introductory pelvic floor course with instruction in internal exams. 


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Event Cost
$600.00 For early bird or multiple course pricing, please visit (registration link)
In person

Dayan Werner Pelvic Rehab
Shelbourne Physiotherapy Clinic
3200 Shelbourne St #100b
Victoria BC V8P 5G8


Posting expiry date
This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.