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21 September, 2018
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24 September, 2018

Claudia Brown and Marie-Josée Lord have been successfully treating patients affected with pelvic floor dysfunction for many years. Having studied and worked with kinesitherapists in Europe, they have together been responsible for the training of more than 500 physical therapists across Canada, in the techniques of pelvi-perineal re-education.

Ano-Rectal :

There is a large amount of work to be done by physiotherapists in the field of ano-rectal disorders. Patients suffering anal incontinence, evacuation difficulties, and various pathological and post-traumatic conditions can benefit from our help, through education, pelvic floor and global retraining, rectal re-education techniques and behavioral modification.

Course Objectives:

Be adept at performing a clinical evaluation of the pelvic floor and related structures

Understand the anatomy and physiology of the lower digestive tract

Be able to describe diverse pathologies that lead to ano-rectal disorders

Be aware of various investigation procedures for ano-rectal disorders

Be able to describe related medical and dietetic approaches

Be able to perform a physiotherapeutic evaluation for patients with ano-rectal disorders

Be able to establish realistic goals of physiotherapy treatment and to devise a complete treatment plan

Understand how to adapt the treatment plan and approach according to the individual and his particular progression

Pre-Requisite: Level 1 urinary incontinence or equivalent

Paediatrics :

Course Objectives:

To know and understand the maturation of the urinary and ano-rectal evacuation systems in the child.

To explore the physiotherapy management of various urinary and ano-rectal disorders in the child

To understand the specificity of the management of the child with evacuation disorders.

To be prepared to treat paediatric pelvic floor disorders in physiotherapy

This course will explore various functional urinary pathologies, including; dysuria, abdomino-perineal dyssynergia, eneuresis, and idiopathic bladder hyperactivity, as well as various functional ano-rectal pathologies, including: evacuation difficulties,recto-sphincteric dyssynergia,encopresis, Hirschprung’s disease, and imperforate anus.

Pre-requisite: anorectal disorders


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