April 12, 2017
Health Care Costs, Image

Our fourth position paper was released today in advance of the May 9 provincial election, entitled Physiotherapy Can Help Reduce BC’s Rising Health CostsThis paper examines rising healthcare spending in BC, and proposes ways physiotherapy can provide cost-effective treatment. 

The position paper makes a number of recommendations as to how increasing the use of physiotherapists to deliver healthcare services can provide cost-effective treatment for patients. As an example, one of the easiest ways for the BC healthcare system to achieve meaningful cost savings would be to allow physiotherapists to make direct referrals to specialist surgeons, instead of the current practice of requiring patients to get a referral from a general practitioner physician for this kind of treatment.

The ultimate conclusion is that Physio Can Help the province of British Columbia continue to deliver stellar healthcare, and provide new solutions to achieve significant cost savings.
Previously published position papers include: Wait Times for Orthopaedic Surgery, Healthcare for Seniors, and Primary Care in BC