May 02, 2017
physio can help

PABC’s 2017 public awareness campaign #PhysioCanHelp launches today to spread the message message that the work of physiotherapists enhances patients’ lives every day. We know that physiotherapy treats so much more than just musculoskeletal conditions, and we want to make sure that the Physio Can Help message comes through loud and clear to British Columbians.  Our profession provides treatments and preventative interventions for a myriad of injuries and conditions, unfortunately the general public does not associate physiotherapy with a broad range of conditions. The Physio Can Help campaign is aimed at expanding people’s understanding of the impact of physiotherapy beyond post-surgical and athletic injury treatment, where we already shine.

Our first video to launch this week is focused on Pelvic Health and the significant role that physiotherapists are uniquely skilled to play in helping address bladder control issues.

During May, which is National Physiotherapy Month, we will be rolling out four videos that highlight conditions that the public may not be as aware of physiotherapy playing a key role in supporting positive patient outcomes. Conditions like pelvic health, chronic pain, arthritis and Parkinson's affect many British Columbians. As a community we know high value that physiotherapy can bring in treating these conditions and many more.