Start date
23 March, 2018
End date
25 March, 2018
Date note
Pre-requisite: Level 1 female urinary incontinence. Courses are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of applicants is not received 25 days prior to the course. In this case, a full refund will be provided.

Claudia Brown and Marie-Josée Lord have been successfully treating patients affected with urinary incontinence and pelvic pain for many years. Having studied and worked with kinesitherapists in Europe, they have together been responsible for the training of more than 500 physical therapists across Canada, in the techniques of pelvi-perineal re-education.

Dyspareunia course:

Course Objectives

– Understand the common causes of dyspareunia

– Learn about the typical medical approach for dyspareunia

– Learn how to adapt the physiotherapy evaluation and examination for the patient with dyspareunia

– Review the pelvic floor anatomy

– Practice the pelvic floor evaluation

– Understand the clinical reasoning for the treatment of dyspareunia

– Be able to establish a treatment plan and progression for the patient suffering dyspareunia

– Understand the implications of the psychological aspect

– Understand the importance of the multi-disciplinary approach to treatment

– Become more proficient in manual treatment techniques for the pelvic floor and related structures

– Learn about lubricants, insertion devices, sexual practises and techniques

– Practice insertion techniques


Event Cost
Early bird before January 23, 2018: $668.63. After Jan 23: $714.29
In person

BC Women's health Centre
F2- 4500 Oak street , entrance #77
Vancouver, BC BC V6H2N1

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This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.