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22 November, 2017
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6:30pm - 8:30pm

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This course is co-hosted by Rick Lau and PABC.


What You'll Learn At This Masterclass!

  • How to Structure Your First Location Without The Headaches
  • How To Design Your Teams Without You Having To Be There
  • How To Expand From One To Multiple Locations When Cash Is Tight

Hi, I'm Rick Lau,

A seasoned healthcare entrepreneur who has successfully built 3 multi-million dollar healthcare companies over the past 15 years.

However, I want you to know, I've been in your shoes because my entrepreneurial journey started from very humble beginnings.

You see, when I started out in business, I had the motivation but zero business experience. And over the past 15 years I’ve had to teach myself everything!

Because of my lack of experience, I got "lucky" with my first clinic, and since it was making good money, I bought my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th clinic. And then I opened my 5th... and it was all downhill from there.

I felt like a taxi driver constantly in transit between my different clinics. And I actually made less money owning more clinics. Plus it took a big toll on my personal life - my fiancée left me!

That’s when I knew something had to change...

I knew I needed to change how I was managing my clinics. So I got the right business mentors and learned that I was doing it wrong all along. I had the wrong business structure and didn't have any business processes. But once I got things straight with the right structure and process in place, I grew my chain of over 100 clinics across Canada.

This Clinic Owner Masterclass is all about saving you 15 years of hard work and struggle (and expensive mistakes) so you can setup one or multiple clinics without having to "hustle" and be there everyday.

I want you to be able to build a successful business and have more freedom in your life to do what you want - like spend more quality time with family!



Rick Lau

Rick Lau is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur who has successfully built 3 multi-million dollar healthcare companies over the past 15 years. The key to Rick’s success has been his ability to master three key business principles - systems, funnels, and leadership. Driven by his experience, knowledge and passion for business, Rick now mentors clinic owners to scale and multiply using proven principles.

Rick’s entrepreneurial journey started from humble beginnings. His first company, pt Health, began as a small business and transformed into a company that grew to a network of 100+ rehab clinics across Canada. Rick’s second company, CSC, is a one stop shop for clinics and is one of the largest e-commence healthcare supplier in Canada.

Rick’s third company, CallHero, a call performance and training software, was created to hold the front desk staff accountable for answering and booking more patients over the phones. 

Rick also hosts the biggest clinic owner event in Canada, ACCELERATE: The Ultimate Clinic Owner Business Summit. Sold out early to a hungry crowd of hundreds of clinic owners, Rick delivered cutting-edge keynote speeches alongside 12 other 7-figure health business owners. 

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