March 08, 2017
Kamloops Latest News

PABC CEO Christine Bradstock visited Kamloops yesterday to give a press conference and visit media outlets to talk about how #physiocanhelp relieve some of the pressure on our health care services in the province, as well as talk about the third PABC position paper on how Physio Can Help Deliver Primary Care in BC

"What we are doing is saying that the primary care team is really the answer to all of the issues in respect to wait times and physician shortages," said the CEO of the Physiotherapy Association of BC, Christine Bradstock. "And we believe that physiotherapists are a great component of the team answer to providing that primary care." 

Listen to the audio clip from CHNL-AM Radio News

Watch the interview and read the article on CFJC Television.

Look for two more position papers and more PABC news to come prior to the May 9 election.