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21 June, 2017
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21 December, 2017
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This is a recording of a lecture available for download upon purchase.

PABC Archived Webinar: Theory Component – Mobilisation of the Myofascial System

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An archived webinar is a recording of a seminar conducted over the Internet. You can stream the recording online at your convenience. The instructor handouts/slides are also available for download. You will be emailed the download instructions once the on-line payment is complete.

The live webinar took place on April 27, 2017

This recorded webinar will provide the practitioner with theoretical knowledge on the mobilisation of the myofascial system.

This recorded webinar will provide the practitioner with the theoretical knowledge on mobilisation of the myofascial system. 

Learning Outcomes

In this 4 hour webinar lecture, you will learn this and much more:

1.1. Fascial definition, anatomy and lines of the whole body, roles and pathology.

1.2. The characteristics of myofascial pain and the components of a subjective and objective assessment focused on fascia.

1.3. MSM™ Guidelines for Treatment.

1.4. Postural Somatic Awareness (PSA), Structural Myofascial Therapy™ (SMFT) assessment and treatment.

1.5. How we can change fascia.

1.6. Evidence- based fascia research.

This Theory Component course is a now a pre-requisite for any future Mobilisation of the Myofascial System Upper Quadrant and/or Lower Quadrant Practical Courses taught by Doreen Killens and BetsyAnn Baron.


Doreen Killens and BetsyAnn Baron

Doreen Killens

Doreen Killens, pht, FCAMPT, is an Examiner for the Canadian Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. A McGill University graduate, she received her FCAMPT qualifications in 1991. She is also certified in Intramuscular Stimulation and for 25 years, was a Clinical director and co-proprietor of a private practice in Montreal (with Elaine Maheu). She has 39 years of clinical experience, with a particular interest in the field of headaches and myofascial dysfunction and has served as a consultant at the Migraine Clinic in Montreal since 1995. She has developed post-graduate courses in Mobilisation of the Myofascial System (3 levels) and Cranial Dysfunctions in Manual Therapy (2 levels), which she teaches across Canada and Europe.

BetsyAnn Baron

BetsyAnn Baron has been a massage therapist since 1991 and has been a member of IASI since its inception. Her early studies began with Kinetic Swedish Massage and Masso-Kinesitherapy at Kine-Concept Institute. In 2001 she began studying CORE Myofascial Therapy with George Kousaleos, culminating in her teaching certification of this technique in 2003. She now devotes her time to treating people with the techniques and philosophies that encompass structural integration. BetsyAnn’s many experiences resulted in the development of Structural Myofascial Therapy (SMFT). She currently teaches courses in SMFT throughout Canada.

Both Doreen and BetsyAnn are highly regarded and appreciated as therapists and teachers.

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