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27 January, 2017
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23 December, 2017
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This vodcast is a 4 part series presented by Alison Hoens and Joseph Anthony Ph.D. and was recorded by PABC.

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  1. EPAs for management of Pain
  2. EPAs for management of Inflammation, Edema and Swelling
  3. EPAs for management of Weakness
  4. EPAs for management of Stiffness


This vodcast is designed to provide the physiotherapy clinician with evidence-informed recommendations for best practice in the selection and application of electrophysical agents (TENS, NMES, IFC, HVPC, Medium Frequency burst currents, LLLT, Class IV Laser and Ultrasound for management of pain, inflammation, edema, swelling weakness and stiffness. 


Alison Hoens is a Clinical Professor & Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker, UBC Dept of Physio Therapy
Research, Education & Practice Coordinator, PHC
Joseph Anthony, Ph.D. is a Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Dept of Physio Therapy

Live Course occurred on October 18, 2014

Produced by PABC
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