May 14, 2014

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Read the May 14, 2014 media release below to learn more about the new service model:

Vancouver, BC – The Physiotherapy Association of BC (PABC) and WorkSafeBC have reached agreement on a new, proactive service model that will see physiotherapists play an even more integral role in getting BC’s injured workers back to work.  

The agreement goes into effect June 1, 2014, PABC President Jason Coolen announced today. 
“Injured workers want to return to work as soon and as safely as they can,” said Coolen. “By giving workers access to physiotherapy on the date of their injury, and having physiotherapists work directly with employers to help get workers back on the job, the new rehabilitation model focuses on the injured worker’s function – rather than the dysfunction of their injury.” 

“In my clinic and in physio clinics throughout the province, physiotherapists are excited about the potential of this approach, one that puts injured workers and patient care first, and gives physiotherapists more 
involvement in return-to-work planning.” 
“Physiotherapists play a very important role in helping workers recover from work-related injuries,” said 
Andrew Montgomerie, WorkSafeBC’s Director of Financial Services & Health Care Programs. “WorkSafeBC is pleased with the new service agreement with BC’s physiotherapists, which will support safe and timely return to work for those injured workers requiring these services.” 
The new agreement helps PABC and WorkSafeBC to remove some of the barriers to treatment for injured workers. Key benefits of the new service model include: 

Return to safe employment: Making it possible for injured workers and their employers to work directly with a physiotherapist on the return-to-work plan, with functional assessments that make sure employees are ready for work and can function well in their pre-injury job; 
No referral necessary: Providing injured workers with access to physiotherapy immediately after their injury, and without a doctor’s referral; 
Assessment to patients at no cost: Providing workers with confidence that their first visit (and their entire course of physiotherapy treatment if their claim is accepted) will be fully covered by WorkSafeBC. 

Coolen said the new approach has been modelled on best practices according to medical literature, and puts the physiotherapist at the hub of the worker's recovery. 
About Physiotherapy and PABC 

Physiotherapists are university-educated health professionals who work with patients of all ages to diagnose and treat virtually any mobility issue. Every day in hospitals, clinics and communities throughout BC, physiotherapists – using techniques based on unique skill, science and research – are transforming lives by working with the patient’s body movement system. Physiotherapists are the rehabilitation specialists most recommended by physicians. 
PABC, a branch of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, provides leadership and direction to over 2100 physiotherapists in BC. PABC advocates on behalf of its members, fosters excellence in practice, education and research, and promotes high standards of health in BC. 
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