November 24, 2016
NeuroFit BC Photo

Naomi Casiro founded NeuroFit BC to allow her to better serve the Parkinson's population. She recognized a need to provide Parkinson's patients with specific exercise programs to help them manage their symptoms, slow down disease progression and live better. NeuroFit BC offers a dedicated, safe place for people with Parkinson's to work out and create community.  

Research has shown that big, dynamic, goal-directed movements are ideal exercises that lead to brain change, develop neuroplasticity and challenge the body. Naomi runs group sessions that begin with a warm-up, followed by a series of co-ordination movements and boxing against a heavy bag. In addition to group classes, she also provides one-on-one physiotherapy sessions in patients’ homes or in a gym setting. 

The results of NeuroFit BC's programs have supported the evidence, with many of Naomi's patients being able to resume activities that they thought they would never be able to do again. 

NeuroFit BC offers ongoing boxing and Parkinson’s-specific exercise classes in Vancouver and Burnaby as well as in North Vancouver at Universal MMA. Read the full story here and visit NeuroFit BC online.