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28 September, 2018
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30 September, 2018
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Instructor:  Audrey Long, PT, Dip MDT, Spec. MSK


Branch contact:  Aileen Conway   -

Eligibility: PT or final year PT Student.  All other health professionals please refer to the eligibility policy on our website.


The McKenzie Method of MDT is globally recognized as a leading treatment for spine and extremity disorders.  The MDT approach is a comprehensive biopsychosocial classification system that provides clinicians with the tools necessary to accurately determine the most appropriate and effective course of treatment for their patients, subsequently improving their patient outcomes.  The MDT assessment enables clinicians to triage patients accurately and efficiently.  MDT’s success as a comprehensive way to treat MSK disorders and injuries comes from clinicians being able to reliably classify problems into specific sub-groups, which have distinct and effective treatment approaches.

This course begins with a comprehensive online session, followed by a 3-day live course focusing on the application of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the lumbar spine. The online component allows you to work at your own convenience and learn from an interactive blend of visuals, audio and video before participating in the live course that is so integral to the McKenzie educational programming.

• Patient demonstration, analysis and discussion (real patients selected by hosting clinic)
• Subjective / objective assessment
• Examination and treatment: postural, dysfunction and derangement syndromes
• Anatomy, biomechanics, epidemiology and predisposing factors
• Differentiating mechanical pain from red flags and serious pathologies
• Follow-up and treatment progressions
• Indications for and practice of manual techniques
• Practical solutions for helping patients prevent recurrence

MDT education is standardized worldwide, and MDT certification is recognized globally.
4 or 5 legitimate patients are assessed and treated on every McKenzie MDT course (patients are selected by the hosting clinic). This is a great opportunity to see the results first-hand.
Thousands of clinicians around the world rely on MDT as their primary method of assessment

FREE Resources available on our website:
Patient Information on the McKenzie approach and how to locate a qualified McKenzie MDT Provider
Online Overview Course, informational videos, mentoring webinars & clinician care podcasts

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On-line and In-person

Guisachan Physiotherapy
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