Start date
06 January, 2019
End date
08 January, 2019
Date note
3 Afternoon/evening sessions allowing time for participants to enjoy the skiing etc in Whistler.

Presented by Dr Lyn Watson and Ross Lenssen; Internationally acclaimed shoulder physiotherapists from Melbourne, Australia. This course in Whistler will run 3 afternoon/evenings sessions. This will  allow for skiing/recreational opportunities.

This is not a level 1 or 2 and can be attended by anyone interested in the sporting shoulder population whether or not you have already done Dr Watson's level 1 and/or level 11 courses.

SESSION 1, Sunday Jan 6:  The Hypermobile Athlete: Incidence,epidemiology & impact of GHJ Hypermobility on the Traumatic and Micro-traumatic Sporting Population. How to assess and how this impacts management and rehabilitation of the sporting shoulder. 

Rotator Cuff Overload in the Hypermobile Athlete: How dynamic instability leads to RC overload, differential diagnosis from impingement. How this commonly presents in overhead and other athletes

Practical session: dynamic shoulder assessment, rehabilitation progressions and demonstration of the Watson Rehabilitation Program which has been shown in a RCT to create significant functional improvement in patients with shoulder instability. 

SESSION 2, Monday Jan 7:  Traumatic Instability: Management, conservative and operative, anterior, posterior, SLAP lesions, dilemmas encountered, instability and dislocation in older age groups. Stiffness problems. When is it safe to return to activity? (eg throwing). Shoulder Pathologies encountered and sometimes missed in particular Posterior Instability and SLAP lesions; Assessment and Management Pathways.

Posterior Capsule Tightness: How often does the posterior capsule really get tight?

 Practical session: Includes assessment, posterior capsule tightness, SLAP assessment, Posterior Instability Assessment, Posterior Instability Rehabilitation.

SESSION 3Tuesday Jan 8: Strength Testing in The Shoulder: Strength Testing in Clinic, Equipment, baseline, RTS assessment. Strength and conditioning and load management.

 Advanced Rehabilitation, Proprioceptive Re-Training and Functional Sport Rehabilitation tailored for all sports.

Traumatic Rotator Cuff Tears: Assessment, Management and best evidence practice for Post-operative Rehab.

Practical session: Rehabilitation of Surgical RC repairs and Taping Techniques for the shoulder.






Event Cost
See website link, $850 AUD (around $810 CAD)
In person

Westin Resort and Spa slopeside Whistler Village. (Preferred room rate offered if still rooms available)
4090 Whistler Way
Whistler BC BC V0N1B4

Posting expiry date
This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.