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Vancouver, BC
Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy
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Josh Bellingham
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Private practice

Are you tired of juggling multiple clients at once and then spending too much time after work charting and calling case managers/employers? Would you like to have exclusive one-on-one time with your clients and know that you aren't rushed and can provide high quality care? Would it be nice to have time to see 7 to 10 clients a day and make the same pay cheque as seeing 20? Would it be nice to have flexibility in your schedule to take time off when needed and also take extended long holidays?

Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy is a unique style of physiotherapy emphasizing an active approach coupled with manual therapy. As expected however, we also implement traditional treatments such as needling, electric modalities but we always do our best to use evidence-based guidelines to direct our treatment plans. We focus on getting our clients not just pain free, but back to living life to the fullest. Our fully equipped gym spaces allows us to work with our clients to return to whatever endeavour they set their goal on; be it full contact sport, raising young children, physical employment or maintenance of strength for life. We use a biopsychosocial model to address health holistically, building resilience, self-efficacy and striving for the highest quality of patient care.

We spend 30, 45 or 60min one-on-one with each client. NO more juggling multiple clients at once.

We pride ourselves by providing monthly educational in-services, a clinical educator, mentorship opportunities and continuing education allowance to assure our therapists share knowledge and get an opportunity to grow their skill set. We have a diverse staff with a wide range of backgrounds who understand that working as a team will make us a better clinic as well as help our clients reach their full potential. We also realize that physiotherapy isn't everything and that planning for retirement and taking care of your accounting is also of upmost importance, that's why we can provide resources/in-services to those interested. At Westcoast SCI, our team is also our work family and we strive to take care of each individual as such. Work/life balance is who we are.

We are looking for a part/full time morning physiotherapist to join our busy Vancouver clinic. Hours would be Monday through Friday 2pm - 8pm (or 9). There could be a possibility of choosing Saturday from 9am-2pm to replace a weekday shift. There is extremely high demand for evening coverage at the clinic with the opportunity to continue extending hours to a full time as the caseload fills. We want growth-oriented physiotherapists that want to continue learning, have a passion for All of our current therapists are at full capacity and booking 2+ weeks out. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you, please contact us.

We value our team and out workplace culture. We offer our employees extended health benefits and education allowance. Our team goes away on company retreats and team building activities.

We are a fast growing organization and want to grow offer growth opportunities to our team. Career progressions Options include:

  1. Focus on your clinical work only - take more courses

  2. Diversify your clinical work and get involved in the business side of things

  3. Become a Clinic Lead down the road

  4. Join us as a Partner down the road (multiple locations)

Please include a brief cover letter explaining why you would be an ideal candidate for the position.


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4+ Years
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