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15 January, 2019
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31 December, 2019
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We are incredibly excited and pleased to finally be able to offer the first K-Taping online course for you on the Embodia Academy Education site.

If you're interested in K-Taping and are looking for flexible on demand basic content on women's health taping techniques, this is an excellent option. 

Online Course Objectives:

K-Taping for Women's Health Basics course will explore five basic proprioceptive taping techniques via video demonstrations that focus on some common conditions related to women's health. The online course begins with an overview of the theory and purpose of the K-Taping practical applications, the history of the K-Taping Academy, and the latest literature. The final two sections will cover the basic functions and effects of K-Taping followed by the specific videos demonstrations to illustrate the positive characteristics of the therapy.


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This course is open to all health care professionals – pelvic health physiotherapists, physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, physiotherapy assistants, midwives, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osetopaths, massage therapists, registered kinesiologists, medical doctors, nurses and midwives.


Online Course Details

Practical taping video demonstrations include K-Taping techniques listed below relative to women's health. Muscle techniques include ways to relax or increase stimulation of muscles. Ligament stability applications are used for joint and tendon support as well as the relief of trigger point pain. The functional correction and fascial correction techniques can be used in the treatment of Women’s Health dysfunctions such as pelvic instability. Lymphatic drainage techniques have been shown to provide relief of swelling during pregnancy, post operatively and in lymphedema care.

Specific Taping Demonstrations for the following indications:

  1. Muscle Technique for the Trapezius
  2. Ligament Technique for Sacroilliac Joint Syndrome
  3. Lymphatic Technique for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  4. Ligament Technique for Menstrual Pain
  5. Pregnant Belly LIft
  6. C-Section Scar Taping





    This introductory lecture was filmed at the Canadian Association of Midwives Conference 2018.



    Sabrina Silla,B.Sc., Pht., D.O.

    Pelvic & Perineal Rehabilitation Physiotherapist & K-Taping Canada Instructor

    Sabrina is a member of the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Québec, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (Women’s Health Division), the International Pelvic Pain Society and the International Continence Society.​

    During her years of study and work, she worked with the provincial soccer teams of Québec. She attended as a therapist at several Canadian soccer championships. In 2005, she was part of the therapists’ team for the Quebec provincial soccer team during the Canada Games held in Regina. Sabrina attended the first K-Taping Women’s Health Course in Montréal 2016 and has since incorporated it into her physiotherapy practice. Sabrina is a physiotherapist in pelvic and perineal rehabilitation with advanced training in the fields of gynecology, urology, fertility and pre/postpartum treatments.She is involved with women with pelvic and perineal problems and works with clients with vulvovaginal/perineal diseases, urinary problems, pelvic prolapsed and rectal disorders. She also works closely with pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum to ensure safe and healthy rehabilitation.

    This introductory course does not authorize the holder to pass on the content of the training course as a K-Taping Therapist. To Become a certified K-Taping Therapist for Women’s Health we highly recommend attending the two day practical course. See the K-Taping Academy Canada schedule Furthermore, the certificate holder is not qualified to pass on the contents of the K-Taping training, or parts thereof, as an instructor or to conduct training courses.


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