Start date
23 February, 2019
End date
24 February, 2019
Date note
This 2-day course runs from 9:00am - 6:00pm Saturday, and 9:00am to 5:00pm Sunday

The Level 1 course will provide the basic theory and physiology of the hypopressive method, review its benefits, and will explain the how and why of its evolution from rehabilitative tool to a full body reprogramming regimen. Attendees will develop an understanding of how to trigger the breath in themselves and how to coach it to clients, and will be required to demonstrate basic mastery of all of the 10 required postures.

Theoretical Content

  • Hypopressive® concept
  • Hypopressive effects
  • Posturology and Hypopressives
  • Health and prevention through LPF
  • Abdominal and thoracic assessment

Practical Content

  • Technical principles
  • Hypopressive basic series exercises, transitions and progression
  • Myofascial diaphragmatic release exercises
  • Training methodology for one to one
  • Abdominal muscle weakness level assessment



Trista Zinn is Master trainer and International course instructor for the Hypopressive & Physical Therapy Institute, Founder of Coreset Fitness, and Director of Hypopressives - Low Pressure Fitness Canada. She has over 27 years experience in the health and fitness industry, and 6 years of experience certifying Health Professionals in Hypopressives/LPF across North America. Trista is recognized as the key English-speaking authority on the subject. She has presented at the CPTN Toronto conference.

Trista has been featured in numerous articles, she has been interviewed on Canadian TV, Pod casts, & videos about pelvic health and hypopressive exercise.

Inspired by her own success with the technique in eliminating her Stage 2 Cystocele, along with similar successes with her own clientele, she is driven to raise awareness of this viable, alternative treatment option.


Tamara Rial earned dual bachelor degrees in exercise science and physical education, a masters degree in exercise science and a doctorate with international distinction from the University of Vigo (Spain). Her dissertation focused on the effects of hypopressive exercise on women’s health. She is the creator and co-founder of Low Pressure Fitness which is an exercise training program based on hypopressive, myofascial & neurodynamic techniques. In 2016, this program was awarded the best exercise program by AGAXEDE, a leading sports management association in Galicia, Spain. Dr. Rial is the creative director for Low Pressure Fitness. At present, over 2500 health and fitness professionals from around the world are certified Low Pressure Fitness trainers.

Dr. Rial is a professor of pelvic floor rehabilitation in the masters Degree at Fundació Universitaria del Bages in Barcelona, Spain. She is the author of several scientific articles and books about hypopressive exercise. She has also published numerous articles and videos about pelvic floor fitness, hypopressive exercise and women’s health. She is an internationally recognized speaker and has presented at conferences throughout Argentina, Canada, United States Mexico, Portugal and Spain. As an established researcher and practitioner, she continues to collaborate with colleagues at universities and health care settings to explore the effects of hypopressive exercise on health and wellbeing.


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Early Bird Rate: $795.00 plus GST for participants if purchased prior to January 25, 2019. After January 25, 2019: $895.00 plus GST for participants.
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