Start date
06 January, 2018
End date
07 January, 2018
Date note
8:30am-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday


Attend this 2-day certification and immediately boost your income and/or create a new and highly valuable revenue stream.

Kinetic Link Training enables your patients to move and train like an athlete without the negative results typically seen in popular strength training programs such as injuries, muscular imbalances and poor results.

Created by Australian Physiotherapists to both train or rehabilitate National and Olympic Team athletes, KLT is ideally suited for coaches, trainers and therapists that want to provide proper and safe functional strength and conditioning to their clients while improving their own physical wellness.

KLT for the Physiotherapist

Patients typically have remaining functional deficits after the acute phase of injury has passed. As they heal, KLT is the perfect transition to enhance their functional strength, endurance and tissue tolerance. When you feel they are ready to add in strength to their isolation training, manual therapy, massage, etc., use the KLT approach to quickly and safely train them to move their entire body through larger ranges of motion under load. As they progress, watch your revenues skyrocket as patients return healthier for more instruction, rather than struggling by themselves at the local gym.

KLT instructional sessions are both highly interactive and beneficial for both you and your patient. What’s really wonderful is that KLT sessions give you and your body the physical and mental breaks you require during your workdays. KLT just may hold the key to you being in practice for as long as you want, rather than being forced into early retirement due to body breakdown. It’s the win-win that your practice and your patients have been waiting for.

Event Cost
$790 with payment plans available
In person

Canadian Back Institute in Downtown Victoria
605 Discovery Street
Victoria BC V8T4N7

Posting expiry date
This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.