Start date
18 October, 2019
End date
20 October, 2019

This course will examine, in an evidence-based approach, the presentation, pathophysiology, and physical therapy evaluation and interventions for dyspareunia through the life span, including, but not limited to, the most common cause for painful intercourse, vulvar vestibulodynia. Pain pathophysiology, EMG biofeedback, the impact of dyspareunia on relationships, sexual response, conception, and anxiety as well as evidence-informed specific treatments to address these concerns within a physiotherapy scope of practice will be included. Specific cognitive behavioral (CBT) and mindfulness techniques for use directly in physiotherapy treatment are also taught. Our courses focus on active rather than passive techniques. Treatment techniques are supported by pain science peer reviewed literature. Learn active interventions with a focus towards client self efficacy. Learn new techniques for your “tool box” that are not myofascial or trigger point related.

A basic introductory pelvic floor course with instruction in vaginal exams is required. Courses in central and peripheral pain pathophysiology and treatment are an asset, but not mandatory. This course is open to Registered Physical Therapists and physical therapy students. The physiotherapist will leave the course with new skills to use immediately on return to their office the next day!

There will be a demonstration of a subjective and objective assessment and treatment with a client who has dyspareunia. Objective assessment and initial treatment can be included if the patient is comfortable. Understandably, assessment and treatment interventions demonstrated will be dependent on patient presentation, ability and consent. Course participants also participate in the lab/practical sessions. This may involve perineal, vaginal and/or rectal exam.

EMG biofeedback units will be available for each group of 2-3 physical therapists throughout the course for all lab sessions. Prior experience using biofeedback is not required. Learning this skill is another good reason to take this course!

Event Cost
$650 early bird, $700 regular fee, $600 student
In person

Pelvic Rehab Courses (Dayan Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Clinic)
909-750 W Broadway
Vancouver BC V5Z 1H8

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This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.