Start date
26 May, 2019
End date
26 May, 2019

The Course: Most concussions resolve within a few weeks, yet others experience persistent symptoms. A concomitant injury to the cervical spine could cause symptoms that could mimic or amplify those seen in concussion and in these cases management of the cervical spine component would be indicated. This course will focus on the identification and treatment of those ‘concussion-type’ symptoms, both cervicogenic headache and cervicogenic dizziness. Manual therapy techniques will be reviewed and practised during lab time. Therapeutic exercise specifically targeted at these two dysfunctions will be introduced and practised. These interventions are also best practice for non-concussed patients with cervicogenic headache & dizziness.

The Instructor: Carol Kennedy, BScPT, MClSc(manip), FCAMPT. Carol teaches extensively in the Canadian Manual Therapy Course System, is an Examiner and past Chief Examiner and also teaches specialty cervical spine manual therapy, exercise and clinical reasoning courses and is the Lead Instructor and Program Coordinator for the GCOMPT program at UBC. Carol presented at the 2010 Winter Olympics Medical Symposium as well as other congresses on the topic of Cervical Contributions to Concussion-type Symptoms. Carol practices in Vancouver where she almost exclusively treats patients with cervical spine disorders.

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$300 + GST = $315
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Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic
595 West 8th Ave
Vancouver BC V5Z 1C6

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