Start date
26 May, 2018
End date
27 May, 2018

This is an introductory highly practical course intended for graduate physiotherapists and occupational therapists working with neurological clients who wish to explore and improve their clinical assessment and treatment skills in optimizing functional recovery underpinning locomotion. The material is presented in a dynamic and interactive manner and is relevant for therapists working in a variety of settings including acute and rehabilitation hospitals, private practice, community and long term care settings. The material is also relevant for therapists working with non-neurological patient populations.

In client-centered care, therapists are often faced with the patient’s request to regain walking ability. This course utilizes a best practice approach that blends theoretical evidence presented in lecture format with clinical expertise thru client demonstrations and practical labs This knowledge will enable the therapist to better assist the client to achieve their goal of walking.

The majority of the course will be practical in nature providing the therapist with a skill set that will have immediate clinical application. The practical information will be taught utilizing a clinical reasoning framework and problem based approach. There will be hands on demonstrations and the opportunity for practice. Patient demonstration’s will allow therapists to see the application of course material on individual’s with neurological lesions. There will be opportunities for active discussion, peer learning and self-reflection.

Course Objectives
The course participant will gain an understanding of:
-The neurophysiology of human locomotion
-The application of the neurophysiology with respect to the clinical presentation and recovery of locomotion
-The role of postural control in locomotion recovery
-The role of facilitation in the recovery of locomotion

Event Cost
NSD Members: $390; CPA, CAOT or Prov Society Member: $405; Non-Member $445
In person

Neuro-Ability Rehabilitation Services
675 East 17th Avenue,
Vancouver BC V5V 1B5

Posting expiry date
This course is not provided through PABC. If you have any questions, please contact the private organizer.