Steve Young

I injured my knee playing basketball when I was 22, and was referred for physiotherapy. I was just finishing my undergrad degree. At the clinic, there were Olympic athletes being treated while I was there, and everybody was getting active and moving. It was very inspiring! I asked my physio, Dan Devlin, what I needed to do to become a physio. I wasn't the most responsible or mature young man, so when Dan described what I needed to do, I don't think he thought I would have a chance. But I told him, "I am going to be a physio.” Twenty-two years later, I work with Dan!

Timberly George Ambler

Inspirations in my life as a Sport Physiotherapist

Jonathan Tom-Yew

I always wanted to be involved in health care. As a physio I have the ability to spend quality time with patients and effect change in both the short and long term.