Sarah Ronhovde (nee Hrabi)

It's hard to say I had an inspirational moment that resulted in me becoming a physiotherapist. When people ask "so why did you pick physiotherapy" I typically have to be honest and say "I didn't pick physiotherapy, it picked me". The scope of the profession, my fellow colleagues, the ability to travel and work with such a variety of incredible people and the knowledge that I continue to gain, each day that I work all add to my experience of life as a physiotherapist. And it's a great experience of life in this profession!

Judy Sturgeon

There is nothing more facinating than the workings of the human body. Being able to work with people to decrease pain and increase function in so many specialty areas is very rewarding. The professional develpoment options are endless. Physiotherapy is a widely respected profession of inspiring mentors combined with scientific process.

Joanne Gailius

Starting competitive swimming at 5 years of age led me to shoulder problems by 12. I met an amazing physio named Maz who rehab'd me, mentored me, then wrote letters of recommendation to UBC. It's been a 30 year journey with never a dull moment. Working in Papua New Guinea, following passionate interest in NDT, then manual therapy and now women's health studies have all provided new roads of inquiry, studies and treatment. Now, a multidisciplinary clinic in a town I love that is so, so busy......what a joy.

Judith Mathieu

Being injured in sports and receiving the help from physiotherapists at the college I attended planted the seed for me to become a therapsit. I always have been health conscious and active. I also searched the potential for employments at the time; it listed high and portable (jobs worldwide). This meant I could combine values, skills and interest all in one! It has been a great match!

Patricia Lieblich

Why I became a Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Dean Clark

Whilst completing my economics degree at the University of Victoria, I became a runner. As a summer job in 2002 I began life as a rickshaw driver in Victoria’s downtown. Riding for eight hours a day pulling 400lbs of tourist “love” led to a quads imbalance. My running started to deteriorate and my distance grew shorter and shorter as I would have worse and worse knee pain. I resigned myself as out of the game; if your knees hurt your body must be telling you something, I thought, and mine was telling me I was not a runner anymore.

Wil Seto

I was always playing competitive sports from a young age; From volleyball to olympic freestyle wrestling and then ultimate frisbee and rock climbing. Having experienced first hand how physiotherapy has helped me excel in what I do, I realized that this is what I wanted to do for a profession. I love helping other people achieve their goals by helping them connect with how they can really move!

Greg Bay

As a hockey player wannabe from Cranbrook, I dreamed of one day playing in the NHL. OK my dream was not original for a Canadian. After a short stint of Jr Hockey at 16, my career slowly faded as I had 4 knee surgeries, one thigh and one ankle repair before I was 19. It was then I thought maybe I belong on the other side of the table.

Jill Longhurst

When I was in high school, I worked part time as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. I ended up doing private lessons with a young boy who was recovering from a brain injury. His goal was to get comfortable in the water again, so he could go swimming with his classmates when they did lessons together later that year. It was so amazing to watch his progression, from being fearful of even moving around in the water to swimming well enough that he could happily join in swimming with his friends.

Valerie Neifer

I was a Fisheries Biologist who got tired of the politics of resource management. I was doing volunteer work at Noble House and a Long Term Care facility and enjoying that far more than my day job. I was thinking of a career change but couldn’t decide. My mom and her mom were both RNs but I really didn’t think nursing was for me. A friend of mine who works at GF Strong said “you would be a great Physio” I said “what is a physio?“ He invited me come and see.