Kevin Schalk

While competing in judo in my younger years- I made frequent trips to physio for various ailments

Warren Nicholls

I didn't even know what physiotherapy was until I injured myself playing volleyball in grade 11.  Following a nasty inversion sprain of my left ankle, my doctor suggested I go see my local physiotherapist.  The treatments and exercises she gave me were just what I needed to get back on the court as quickly as possible.  To this day, my left ankle is still stronger and has better motor control than my right ankle, despite being "right-footed."  It was this encounter that inspired me to become a physiotherapist.

Katie Evans

I remember in highschool I wanted to be some form of health professional, but I hadn't decided on anything permanently until the my first year at the University. A friend of mine, who was tough as nails, had training in the military, and was a provincal level track athlete, whom I spoke to on a regular basis at the time reached out to me. "I'm scared." He said. "about what?" I responded. "I'm going into surgery tomorrow." I was shocked, I had no knowledge of anything he required surgery for.

Katelyn Proctor (Weatherall)

I've been blessed to be able to live an active life. I am happy to wake up each morning, knowing that I can help people live a life with less pain and more movement.

Stephen Witvoet

When I was in college, I was interested in working in an exciting field with athletes. I was directed to begin volunteering as a student athletic trainer. This was a great opportunity for me to deal first-hand with injuries, and helping athletes overcome these injuries. It wasn't long before I decided that I wanted to do this as a career, not only for athletes, but for anyone dealing with injuries. My work as a physiotherapist is never dull, and I get satisfaction helping others returning back to full health and wellness. I love this job!

Linda Walker

I was playing competitive hockey at a high level as a goaltender and injured my right knee. After having one of the first-ever meninscal repair arthroscopic surgeries done in Ontario, I was introduced to Pam, my wonder-physio! She helped me return to hockey with no physical limitations within a very short period of time, and helped educate me about how to look after my body. From this experience I knew that Physiotherapy was my career goal. I will be forever grateful for her laughter, knowledge, and motivation!

Christine Allan

My biggest inspiration to become a Physiotherapist was my mother, who is practicing Physiotherapist in England. I always admired how she could reach out to so many different people with a varied skill set that seemed to adapt to any situation - seeing people at the local swimming pool, senior residences and her private practice.

Anniken Chadwick

My mother inspired me to become a physiotherapist. She is a pediatric neuro physiotherapist, and appeared to spend her days 'playing' with children in the hydrotherapy pool, in soft play, on a trampoline or horse riding! Seemed like the funnest job in the world! Interestingly she herself was originally inspired by the physiotherapist who helped her father recover from Polio.