Julie Bereziak

I loved my grandmother.  She lived well into her eighties, and she was active and happy and my early source of worldly wisdom.  After she passed away I knew that my greatest pleasures would come from helping other seniors live enriched and active lives.

Katie Kenyon

When I was seven years old my older sister broke her leg. I tagged along to so many physio appointments I decided that I wanted to be a physio. I have a very distinct memory of having my elementary school librarian help me look up the word in the dictionary (the 'ph' was tough at that age!). Over the next 13 years I changed my dream job many times, but finally came back to physio. I'm lucky to have been exposed to physio (over and over again!) as a patient, and grateful to my seven year old self for having great instincts. 


Reza Ghannadan

My inspiration comes from my desire to work with people, help solve simple-to-complex problems, and use my hands and other 'tools' to help people physically get back to the activity or sport they love.

Krystie Cheong

As an young high-school athlete, I spent many hours in various physiotherapy clinics for foot, knee, and shoulder problems.  My most traumatic injury came at the age of 16, when I subluxed my shoulder playing baseball.  I spent months in physiotherapy under the care of a therapist who told me all about her work in the clinic, and her work traveling with a national ski team.  I was amazed at the opportunities she had experienced, and was keen to learn more.  At the completion of my own rehab, I shadowed her in the clinic for 4 weeks, and decided this was the type of environment I could see m

Reza Ghannadan

My inspiration comes from my desire to work with people, help solve simple-to-complex problems, and use my hands and other 'tools' to help people physically get back to the activity or sport they love.

Janette Leitch

In a word, Lynn Steacy.  We met in a remote place called CFS Holberg on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.  I was a lifeguard and Lynn would come in to the pool with 2 young boys who had, I later found out,  Muscular Dystrophy.  She worked with them in the water several times a week.  I was curious and asked her what she was doing and why.  Her answer lead me to Physiotherapy and a life long career helping people achieve their goals while fullfilling my need to have a career that was portable.   My husband was in the military.  I  moved 20+ times in the coures of my career, lived in 3 pr

Dave Leyland

As an active individual in high school I received treatment for a few minor injuries from a physiotherapist and though my time in rehab was short, I still thought it would be an awesome career. Also as an athlete, but aware I would be unable to make a career out of athletics, I wanted a career that would keep me as connected as possible to athletes/active individuals. After doing a ton of volunteering in my university days and working as a strength and conditioning coach, I knew I could take my career to the next level as a physiotherapist.

Kevin Bos

In my grade 10 year, life radically changed for me. I got home from school one day and was told that my mom was taken to the hospital. She had been losing strength in her hands and legs slowly over the course of 2 weeks, but not being able to push the hair spray bottle down was the final straw. After several differential diagnostic tests she was put on the list for GF Strong with a year long rehab battle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. 

David Carter

I was lucky enough to attend physio during my high school years. Since those teenage years the prospect of combining healthcare, personal service, and business were incredibly exciting. I am so happy to be doing what I love and I look forward to the years of challenge and excitement ahead. 

Jason Shane

You know, there's the short answer to this question and the long answer.  The short, and most accurate answer, is my wife inspired me to become a physiotherapist.  When her and I first met eight years ago I was a personal trainer and co-owner of a personal training studio.  I had been working as a personal trainer since leaving university years earlier.  I had initially entered the Sciences program at the University of British Columbia in 1992 thinking I wanted to be a doctor.  After 3 years of the science program, I realized that I didn't want to pursue that goal.